Historic Homes of Longmeadow

384 Longmeadow Street (#10 The Cooley-Williams House - Before 1765)

This house was built by Stephen Cooley sometime between his 1753 marriage to Mary Field and the birth of their seventh child, Calvin, in 1765.  It remained in the Cooley family until 1872 and stayed a working farm into the early 1900s. During the Civil War, owner Quartus Cooley painted the chimney red, white, and blue to express his political sentiment. This is a classic 18th century house and is unusual in that it retains a huge center chimney with a beehive oven. The beehive oven was just rediscovered in recent years. The front door illustrates the classic "Connecticut Valley Doorway" with two narrow doors side by side which make up a double door.

[Photo contributed by Chris Hall]
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