Historic Homes of Longmeadow

573 Longmeadow Street- #18 The Silcox House - Circa 1831

This house was built around 1831 by William Silcox, son of Robert Silcock, who was the only known British soldier of the American Revolution buried in Longmeadow Cemetery.  Records of original deed for this house are rather confusing, but it appears that the land on which this house sits was granted to Robert Silcox in 1794. The grant measured 100 feet long and 30 feet wide "ten rods north of the Hatter's Shop as a homelot". The front two rooms made up the original house; the second floor and the ell were probably added later.  In 1840 William built another house beside the "homestead" for his sister Julia. In 1913 Julia’s house was torn down to make way for the construction of Greenacre Avenue. William’s son Robert Spencer Silcox was a broom maker by trade.  A financial crash in 1837 forced him, at age 19, to move to Ohio for employment. In his diary he writes of his journey, commencing in Thompsonville CT, including this passage:  “On December 4, 1837, my Uncle Walter Bliss took me and my trunk to Thompsonville.  On this morning I bid my parents goodbye . . . I took the steamboat Massachusetts that plyed the Connecticut River from Springfield to Hartford.  We ran over the falls in the Connecticut River just below Thompsonville, how I do not know, for in these years (1893 presently) no boat can go over them as there is a dam across the river to throw the water into a canal that furnishes water power at Windsor Locks.”

[Photo contributed by Chris Hall]
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