Historic Homes of Longmeadow

577 Longmeadow Street (#19 The Samuel Booth House -1821)  

Samuel Colton Booth, a successful farmer, built this brick Federal style house in 1821,  no doubt from native brick. Inscribed over the front door is "A Coomes 1821" and on a stone in the basement is carved 1820. Alexander Coomes was the builder. Mary Allard Booth, daughter of Samuel Booth, was born in this house. Mary was one of the early photomicroscopists and received several medals from the New Orleans Exposition in 1885, St. Louis Medical Convention in 1904, and the San Francisco Science Conferences in 1907-09 and 1915 for her work on eliminating the bubonic plague. In 1909, the house belonged to Edward S. Decker, a successful businessman. He owned the Dwight Street Lumber Company in Springfield. In 1914 the house was bought by August Pritzloff, who held extensive properties in the city. His son, August Pritzloff, Jr., was well known for his excellent cabinet making and for the many cocktail bars he made for Springfield area lounges.

[Photo contributed by Chris Hall]
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