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697 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, MA- Historic Homes of Longmeadow
697 Longmeadow Street (#27 The Storrs House -1786)

In 1786 the house was built by the Reverend Richard Salter Storrs, second minister of First Congregational Church. He married Sarah Williams, granddaughter of the Rev. Stephen Williams. In 1803 Sarah established the Female Association, one of the oldest women's charitable organizations in the nation. In the 1860's Lucy Barber Storrs ran a small private school for girls out of the house. Three generations of the Storrs family lived in the house and the last members, Richard Salter Storrs, III and his sister Sarah Storrs, left the property in 1907 for a library. It was stipulated in the will that the house be moved to the site just south of the Library and that the Library be built where the house originally stood. In doing this, the back ell, containing the kitchen and a bedroom, came off the house. These were never replaced.  The front door of this house is a classic example of a "Connecticut Valley Doorway" which is actually double doors which divide vertically down the middle. The Storrs House is home to the Longmeadow Historical Society and houses a fine collection of period items. It is open to the public at specified times and by appointment.

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