Historic Homes of Longmeadow
705 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, MA- Historic Homes of Longmeadow
705 Longmeadow Street (#29 The George Raynolds House - Before 1830)

Notice the multicolored star on this house.  Although it is documented that George Raynolds lived here in 1830, there is evidence that the house is in fact much older. It is theorized that the front portion of the house is newer than the ell. This is supported by the fact that the windows in the rear are lower than those in front, indicating that the house was added on to. George Raynolds was a joiner and operated a shop from the house. Like many houses in this "town of walking houses" this house was moved from just south of its present location in 1832. Records show that Mr. Raynolds stipulated that "the shutters on my shop will be allowed to overlap the property line", one of the first instances of property air rights to be documented!  In 1857 the house was purchased by Nelson and Samuel Newell, who owned the successful button factory. (#35) Subsequently it was used as a parsonage and then by Sarah Storrs, a deaf mute, who used it as a school. In the area between this house and the house to the south (#30) there remains one of the "Twin Lofts" which housed the renowned racing pigeons owned by Thomas Cordis. These pigeons were used in World War I by the U.S. government for communication purposes.

[Photo contributed by Rachel Port]
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