Historic Homes of Longmeadow

766 Longmeadow Street (#33 The Old White Tavern - 1713)

This house is credited with a construction date of 1713, but could be even older. It was built for Nathanial Bliss, who had eleven children. In 1786 it was purchased by David White, master carpenter, who finished the third floor as a ballroom and converted the house into a tavern. Over the years it has served many functions. When the schoolhouse burned in 1852, the third floor was used by the students until a new school could be built. The front rooms were used as a resting place for ladies weary from the day long services at First Church. In 1856 it became a boarding house for the workers at the Chandler Button Factory (#38) next door. It has been a private residence for many years.

[Photo contributed by Rachel Port]
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