Historic Homes of Longmeadow

24 Chandler Avenue (#34 The Frank Burt House - Before 1800)

This pretty colonial home has a unique and interesting past, as hinted at by the multicolored star on its facade. One must examine its interior hand-hewn posts, beams, wooden pegs and hand split lath to begin to realize its 18th century origins. Although the exact date of its construction cannot be determined, it is known that this building once stood east of its present location and served as a barn and carriage house for the Old White Tavern. While in service as a barn, the building was faced in vertical boards and batten. Attached to its east side was a chicken coop. Thus it stood until 1866 when it was moved to its present location and converted into a residence, complete with summer kitchen, wood and/or coal shed and an outhouse. In 1875 it was purchased by Frank H. Burt, descendant of one of Longmeadow's original settlers. It has been extensively remodeled and modernized over the years.

[Photo contributed by Rachel Port]
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