Historic Homes of Longmeadow

19 Chandler Avenue (#35 The Newell Button Factory - Early 1800's)

This clapboard house dates to the early 19th century. Its earliest history is somewhat vague and its builder unknown. From 1840 to 1855 it was the site of a booming industry, the Newell Button Factory. This thriving business soon outgrew its Longmeadow quarters and was relocated in Springfield. Following its factory days this house saw several owners. One, a "Mr. Pease" was purported, in a letter now in the possession of the current resident, to be "quite a character in Longmeadow, hunter, fisherman and owner of good hunting dogs". In the mid-1970's an addition was built onto the east side of the house. At that time the Armorer's House at the Springfield Armory was being razed. The lovely large window which overlooks Longmeadow Street was salvaged from this building, as was the East Longmeadow redstone step which now graces the front porch.

[Photo contributed by Rachel Port]
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