Historic Homes of Longmeadow

237 Longmeadow Street (#5 The Caleb Field House - 1825/1831)

Caleb Field, great grandson of Thomas Field (see house #6), built this house. Caleb inherited the land as part of the Field family homestead in 1825. The first appearance of a house on this lot is recorded on an 1831 map. Therefore, it is thought that the house must have been built sometime between 1825 and 1831. Caleb farmed, carried on a brick making industry with his cousin, Moses (who lived in house #6), and operated a brandy still in the field between the two houses in the 1840's and 1850's. The house remained in the Field family until 1925 when the property was sold to a prominent land developer (Kibbe) who moved the house 300 feet south in order to make room for the construction of Converse Street.

[Photo contributed by Chris Hall]
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