Historic Homes of Longmeadow

14 Fairfield Terrace (#76 Johnny Appleseed House - Before 1700) 

Tradition claims this house was built in the meadows and is the oldest structure in Longmeadow. The age of some of the beams seems to support this notion. In 1700, the house was moved to the hill, standing parallel to Longmeadow Street.  It was moved to its present location in 1913.  It has been documented that this house once belonged to Nathaniel Chapman, father of legendary folk hero Johnny Appleseed.  Nathanial served at the Springfield Armory during the Revolution and met and married Longmeadow native Lucy Colton, following the death of his first wife, Johnny’s mother.  The Chapmans moved to Longmeadow around 1779, when Johnny was 5 years old.  History has not established the exact age at which Johnny, accompanied by his half brother Nathaniel, left Longmeadow on his westward odyssey, but he was probably around 18 years old.

[Photo contributed by Chris Hall]
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