Historic Homes of Longmeadow

280 Longmeadow Street (#8 The Alexander Field House - 1791)
280 Longmeadow Street (#8 The Alexander Field House - 1791)

Built by Alexander Field in 1791, this Late Georgian style house is of significant architectural interest. Detailed architectural drawings were done of this house in the 1930's. These drawings are currently in the Library of Congress. Ionic columns support the door pediment. Above the door is a beautiful Palladian window and a half ellipse window which repeats the arch. It has a hipped roof with several massive chimneys.  Alexander was known for dressing in ancient costume and riding in his horse drawn carriage to church. The house had a narrow hidden stairway next to one of the chimneys that led up to a small room where the indentured servant or "bound boy" slept. There was no other access to the room except by the staircase and its door was kept locked to prevent his running away. The current owner remembers that there was once a tunnel from the house leading to the river which was used as part of the Underground Railroad.  The tunnel was destroyed for safety reasons many years ago.  Mr. Field married twice but had no offspring. He adopted Alexander Field Stebbins who, upon Alexander's death, inherited the estate. The adopted son promptly squandered his inheritance.

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