Living History is a series of shows by Longmeadow Community TV (LCTV) with hostess Kathy Grady interviewing long time residents of Longmeadow who share their life long experiences living in our town. Below are some of these shows posted as YouTube videos for your enjoyment.  Additional ones will be posted as they become available.

Saul Finestone

Arlene Miller

Tom Herrala

Larry Duclos

James Law

Gerard Nolet

Sally Mooradd

Crawford Lincoln- Part I

Crawford Lincoln- Part II

Betty Rochford- Part I

Betty Rochford- Part II

Linda Abrams- Part I

Linda Abrams- Part II

Guy D'Antonio- Part I

Guy D'Antonio- Part II

Gertrude Zancho- Part I

Gertrude Zancho- Part II

Pam Rich- Part I

Pam Rich- Part II

Phebe Wallace- Part I

Phebe Wallace- Part II

Selena Blake- Part I

Selena Blake- Part II

Pauli Sample- Part I

Pauli Sample- Part II

Russ Hoekstra- Part I

Russ Hoekstra- Part II

Brewster Sturtevant- Episode 1/Part I

Brewster Sturtevant- Episode 1/Part II

Brewster Sturtevant- Episode 2/Part I

Brewster Sturtevant- Episode 2/Part II