690 Longmeadow Street- #26 (see additional information)

This year's cover painting, referred to as the Bliss-Leete-Bacon house at 690 Longmeadow Street, is one of the Town's oldest homes. Twenty-five births were recorded within its walls, the last being the artist- Peggy Leete Godfrey.  It is the present home of Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Gill.

The frame of the rear portion was built by Ebenezer Bliss about 1720.  It seems the early structure had a lean-to roof, the peak of which was about 15 feet to the rear of the present one, and 6 to 8 feet lower. Ebenezer Bliss, his son Ebenezer II, and his son Gad Bliss, successive owners, were farmers, having as their "home lot" property running down to the river. A bedroom was added on the first floor to the south- west for Gad Bliss due to his crippling arthritis.

In about 1820, four front rooms were added and the old central chimney of the early structure was replaced by two chimneys on either side of the hall now running through to the old kitchen. At some time the ell was shortened. Prior to 1828, the "Iean-to" kitchen had doubtless disappeared and the ell of later years was added, with its woodshed in the rear.

When Gad Olcott Bliss died in 1871, his daughter sold the home to Theodore W. Leete, who added the porches. His two sons and two of his granddaughters were born in this house. Mr. George Bacon was later owner, and in 1945,  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Silver acquired the old home. This building also witnessed thirteen marriages and eleven deaths. It is located opposite the Storrs Library.


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