316 Longmeadow Street

Featured on this year's cover is the house at 316 Longmeadow Street. The handsome watercolor rendering is by Marian Hebert Price, who with her husband and children enjoyed this beautiful home for 16 years.

The house was designed in August of 1901 by Guy Kirkham for William Willard. Mr. Willard had the house build for his fiancée, but she subsequently called off the engagement and Mr. Willard lived there alone from 1901 to the mid-1920's, when he died without leaving a will. Mr. Willard had always said he would leave the entire 18-acre tract, which included what is now Meadowbrook Road all the way to the brook, to the Town of Longmeadow for use as a park. In 1914, the land was assessed at $8,000 and the house at $4,000. However, since he did not leave a will, the property went to his sisters who sold it to a developer, and the house was moved from the head of Meadowbrook Road to its present location at the corner of Warren Terrace.

A gentleman who was either the manager or owner of the then new Charles Hotel in Springfield, bought the house, restored it and sold it to the Harlan Kaplinger family. The latter occupied the home for about 25 years and established exceptionally beautiful gardens there.

Other occupants include the William Leete family, who lived there for about two years; the Robert Haynes whose span was also two years; the aforementioned Robert D. Price family; the Gary Martinellis, five years; and the present owners, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Witzenberger.

/s/ Marian H. Price


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