Welcome to the Longmeadow Virtual Library

The Longmeadow Virtual Library provides easy access to the many web based library resources available for Longmeadow town residents.

Our Storrs Library has many resources that can be accessed directly from links on the LongmeadowMA.org website. Storrs Library offers patrons online access to a variety of electronic books/ audio and other digital information. 

Many of these resources are provided by C/W Mars, Inc. -Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc., which is a library consortium dedicated to efficient resource sharing and rapid access to information.

In addition, there is remote access via the Internet to a variety of local school resources including those located at Longmeadow High School.

Some of these above listed resources will require a Storrs Library card for access.
Use the menu in the left margin of this webpage for links to all of these resources.

Below is a table of direct links for Town Government and School Department information.
Document Description
Town Government
Official Town Government website Longmeadow.org home page
Select Board/ Town Manager Select Board/ Town Manager webpage
Meeting Minutes Select Board Meeting Minutes
Budget Reports Town Government Budget
Select Board Meeting Materials Agenda + discussion documents for SB meetings
Town Clerk  
Town Clerk webpage Longmeadow Town Clerk webpage
Town Elections Election Results
Town Meetings Minutes of ATM/STM
Town Charter Town Charter approved in 2004
Town General Bylaws List of all Longmeadow General Bylaws
Town Zoning Bylaws List of all Longmeadow Zoning Bylaws
Annual Town Reports Annual Town Reports (2002 - Present)
Tax Assessor  
Board of Assessors webpage Longmeadow Board of Assessors webpage
Vision Government Solutions Online Property Assessment Database
Longmeadow School Department  
School Department website Longmeadow School Department website
Longmeadow Schools Links to individual school websites 
School Committee webpage School Committee Members, Meeting Minutes
School Building Committee webpage Information regarding new Longmeadow HS project
FY16 Budget (School)  FY16 Budget
School Year Calendar  School Year Master Calendar
Historical Documents  
Town Records Town Records, Marriage and Church Records, Birth and Death Records from the town of Longmeadow from 1675 - 1844.
Stephen Williams Diaries The Diaries include the reflections of Reverend Stephen Williams who was the first minister of the First Church of Christ in Longmeadow. The Diaries covers the time period from 1716, when Stephen Williams became Longmeadow’s first minister, until his death in 1782.
Longmeadow Centennial Celebration E-book written in 1883 for the 100th anniversary celebration of the incorporation of Longmeadow.  Contains considerable historical information as well as a town genealogy.  Full text searchable.

The website for Storrs Library: http://www.longmeadowlibrary.org