Historic Homes of Longmeadow

663 Longmeadow Street (#22 The Israel Gates House -Before 1805)

The earliest known resident of this home was John Gaylord, whose ownership can be traced to 1805. Oral tradition is that the house was a millinery, which stood on the Green before being moved to its present site. (It is interesting to note that many shops and even First Church were once located on the Green.  In 1859 the Town of Longmeadow initiated a forty year plan to remove all buildings from the Green itself to create open space.  This was accomplished by 1898.)  Once moved, it was joined to a house already on the site. This early house, built in the mid-1700's, can be seen today as the east wing of the building.  Israel Gates, a blacksmith, lived here until 1870. He was noted as a player of the bass viol presently on exhibit in the Storrs House (#27).

[Photo contributed by Rachel Port]
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