655 Longmeadow Street- #21 (see additional information)
663 Longmeadow Street- #22 (see additional information)
679 Longmeadow Street- #25 (see additional information)

A tavern, a hat factory and a house, whose present occupant has resided there for 71 years, are featured on this year's cover painting by Arthur A. Hart.

This familiar trio of Longmeadow Street houses on the East side of the Green, on its Northern end, have not always been neighbors.  #655, on the left in the picture, was built before 1758 on the opposite side of the street by Thomas Bliss.  It served for many years as a tavern, run by Nathaniel Ely, and was moved to its present location in 1855. The present owner is Dr. Stanley Teale.

Also moved to its present location, after an interesting early history elsewhere is #663, now owned by L. Curtiss Guild.  It was for many years a hat factory and was located on the Green Proper until 1831, when moved by Israel Gates.

#679 was built shortly after the Civil War on the site of Dr. Lawton's boys' school, which burned in 1859.  Mr.s William Goodman has lived in the house since November 1895, which is possibly the current record for Town residents.


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