787 Longmeadow Street- #41 (see additional information)

For this year's cover Arthur A. Hart has chosen "The Old Red House", at 787 Longmeadow Street, which was built in 1735 by Simon Colton. Simon was the last child horn in the Longmeddowe, by the river. He was a grandson of the renowned Quartermaster George Colton and a son of John Colton, Simon's mother was a sister of Connecticut's first Governor Wolcott, The oldest complete house now in Longmeadow, it has a 14-foot square central chimney with a 50-inch deep beehive oven and five fireplaces. The front rooms have gunstock corner posts and center beams. There are indications of an original overhang, on the outside, in the fashion of 17th century England. Major Luther Colton, Simon's son, added a small room on the south side at the time of his marriage to Mehittabel (Boardman) Deming, widow of a member of General Washington's staff. Except for a brief period, Colton descendants have lived here. In 1935"The Old Red House" was conveyed to The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities as a memorial to Quartermaster George Colton.


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