797 Longmeadow Street- #44 (see additional information)

The cover is a watercolor by Peggy Godfrey of the Justin Colton house located in the Historic District on the Town "Green". Since 1976, it has been the home of the Chairman of the Historic District Commission, Peter Santos and his family, at 797 Longmeadow Street. Earlier the home was called "The Old House on the Green".

The 1831 map shows Justin Colton here. Born in 1802, he was the son of Asa Colton. Asa built a house for his two sons on each side of his own. Justin's house remains on this site. The two other houses were removed about 1920, to make room for the first Junior High School and the new Center School.

Justin's house was occupied by several family relatives over the years, and was divided into north and south side. It was a Colton house until 1921 when Elsie Hatstat, Justin's granddaughter, sold the house to George and Margaret Adams, parents of Mrs. George Heckman.

In 1946, Mrs. Adams received a letter from Mary L. Bliss, a Colton relative, who stated that Justin was a printer. Asa had a shop behind his house and the children carried on the business.

The Adams' made extensive renovations in the house. At one time, there were two ells at the rear of the house, but one was removed. The partition was removed between two of the rooms on the north side and the areas made into a large living room.

In 1938, the Adams' decided to open their home as a guest house and tea room. It was immediately successful and over the years became an attractive setting for weddings, banquets, receptions, as well as luncheons and dinners. Tea was often served in the garden in the shade of the 200 year old Elm. Until 1958, "The House on the Green" flourished, and the Adams' retired and the house remained their home. After their death in 1970, the house was sold to the Bachiochis', who lived there six years, and then was sold to Peter and Eleanor Santos.

/s/ Peggy Leete Godfrey


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