951 Longmeadow Street- #59 (see additional information)

This cover painting is a black and white reproduction of a watercolor by Peggy Godfrey of a house at  951 Longmeadow Street, located in the Historic District on the Town Green.

Original land of ten acres requested by Thomas Hale was given to him in 1703.  The house was built circa 1725 by David Burt and is one of the Town's earlier homes.  Originally it was a four-room center chimneyed farmhouse.

In the mid 1800's, fire destroyed the central chimney.  The original double-door entrance has since been replaced by a double-door reproduction from a Deerfield home.

The Burt family occupied the home for several years followed by the Coomes and others.  It is now the residence of Stephen Shatz.

/s/ Peggy Leete Godfrey


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